What is an Empty Leg?

Empty legs are flights which are scheduled to fly without passengers, usually back to their home base or to their next destination in preparation for their next charter flight. Empty flights are inefficient for aircraft operators to carry out, as they do not make a profit from these journeys. Finding an empty leg for your journey is a cost-effective way to hire a private jet, as charter operators usually sell these flights at up to 75% off the original charter price.

However, it is often very challenging to find an empty leg flight specific to your journey, in terms of the location you want to depart and arrive at, and the times you wish to take-off and land.

In fact, in Europe alone there are 4,437,432 different airfield combinations meaning the odds of finding an empty leg travelling from your location to where you want to go is basically zero.

Empty Leg map
Our Adaptive Empty Leg Solution:

• Diverts the aircraft to suit your schedule

• Reduces the price of your private jet charter by up to 75%

• Maximises efficiency by minimising waste of time and fuel

Our adaptive empty leg engine optimises existing empty legs by diverting the aircraft to your destination, whilst being en route to the final location the aircraft was flying to anyway. This maximises efficiency while allowing private jet travellers to charter a flight at a reduced price.

Just enter your location and where you want to fly to and our super-fast search technology finds all available options for your journey, showing all adaptive empty legs at the top of the search – just look out for the Stratajet logo in the top right corner of your search results.

On average, one-third of all our searches produces, at least, one adaptive empty leg result, and currently, there are hundreds of adaptive empty legs available for charter on Stratajet.