An integrated website to market and sell
your handling services direct to aircraft
operators and private jet travellers.

How it works

Once you register with StrataFBO, we will ask you to send us your list of locations.

You’ll then receive your StrataFBO log-in, which gives you total control over how your services and features are displayed, including uploading your own photos, brochures and discounts.

Then simply confirm your locations to make your profile live on and Stratafleet.

Why StrataFBO?

StrataFBO has been designed specifically for FBOs.

It’s a non-biased web platform that integrates automatically with Stratajet to create seamless, real-time communication between customer, operator and FBO.

For travellers wanting to fly private and looking for a non-biased marketplace, StrataFBO lets them select their handling agent at the airport of their choice based on the facilities and services you provide (where applicable).

At the same time, operators using our Stratafleet free-to-use website to put quotes together for their customers, are able to view full and tailored handling agent information on facilities and services.

It’s web-based. It’s free for FBOs. And it puts you in control of how your existing and potential clients see your facilities.

What your customers see is in your hands

The platform has been designed to fit around you and your business.

This means you can change and update information and status whenever you wish, as well as preview your profile, test out your fees in our system and apply discounts and premiums as and when you want.

All your locations in one place
StrataFBO’s dashboard transforms the way you manage your locations. It lets you see all of them at a glance, whenever you like. And each location is listed with its photos, prices, services and discounts.

Test your own rates
Try it for yourself. Pretend you’re a customer, choose your airfields, time and number of passengers. See what discounts and services you provide at those locations. Not correct? Jump to that location, change and test again.