What is the booking process?

Simply search flights on stratajet.com by providing details of your destination, the times you wish you arrive and depart, and the number of passengers. This will display the results page listing a variety of aircraft choices. From here, you will be able to browse and select your desired aircraft for the leg(s) of your journey.

Once decided, this will lead you to the summary page where an overview of your journey is shown. Ground transport arrangement and any special requirements can be requested through selecting your preferred handling agent under ‘Terminal Services’. Once you are happy with your choices, you can press ‘Book Now’ to accept terms and conditions and which will take you to the payment section. From there, you will have the options to pay by via Apple Pay, debit card, credit card or bank transfer and once the payment arrangements have been confirmed, an email will be sent to confirm your booking.

Alternatively, if you are unsure of any of the services or would like to speak to someone regarding the details of your flight, the ‘Request a Call’ button will notify our Customer Service team who will be in touch with the number you registered with.

Can I book a helicopter transfer through Stratajet?

Currently helicopters are not available to be booked online via our website, but if you require the use of one, you can request it by calling our Customer Service team where one of our representatives will be able to assist you.

Can Stratajet organise an airport transfer?

Yes, we can organise ground transport to and from the airport. You can request this by selecting ‘Please book my ground transport’ when choosing your terminal services.

Is catering included on the flight?

Catering options range from basics snacks and refreshments to VIP catering and bar depending on the choice of aircraft. Your booking confirmation email will explain the standard options for your chosen aircraft. Additional catering can be arranged on request and may incur an additional charge.

What if I need to cancel?

Just let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation fees may apply, your cancellation policy will be detailed in your booking confirmation.

What if I need to change something?

Please get in touch and we can assist you. Schedule, route and passenger number changes are all subject to approval by the aircraft operator and availability of the aircraft, airport and permissions. Additional charges may apply.

Can I take my pet on board?

Yes, in most cases. Please contact us first so we can find the best option for you.

How will bad weather affect my flight?

Extreme weather events may delay or divert your flight. Flight safety is always paramount and the decision to fly will remain with the Captain or airport authority.

Refunds are subject to the policies of the aircraft operator.

We will always monitor weather in advance to give you ample notice and assistance with alternative arrangements, if necessary.

Are there restrictions on luggage amounts?

Luggage restrictions will vary depending on the size of the aircraft.

Luggage details can be found in your booking confirmation email. If you have questions about luggage capacity before or after booking, please check with our Customer Service Team.

Can you help me arrange transport from the airport to my final destination?

Yes, we can arrange all of this for you. You can request this during the booking process and a member of our Customer Service team will provide the options available for you.

Will I have to go through Immigration and Customs procedures?

For all international flights you will be subject to immigration and customs. You will need to provide full passport details in advance of the flight and passports will be checked on arrival. Further information regarding this can be found in your booking confirmation email.

What is the payment process?

Once you click ‘Book Now’, you will be directed to the payment page where you will have the options to pay your flight by credit or debit card or bank transfer.

If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, you will be be required to enter your card information to proceed with the final payment. Once the payment is successful, you will receive an emailed booking confirmation. Please note that payments made via card will incur a 2.9% charge on your total.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, your invoice will be emailed to you, which will allow you to arrange the payment accordingly. We may also require credit card details to guarantee the booking until the transfer is complete. If this is the case, our Customer Service team will be in touch to arrange.

For further enquiries, please contact our Customer Service team who will assist with your booking.

What is aircraft ground handling?

Ground handling includes the services the aircraft and passengers require when situated on the ground. These services may be separated into different categories such as passenger services, terminal services and ramp services.

Passenger services can include the escorting of travellers to the General Aviation terminal, arranging customs and passport control services, and the accommodation of facilities for disabled customers. Terminal services on the other hand can encompass services such as VIP lounge access, WI-FI, refreshments, taxi or limo arrangements and facilities for the crew. Ramp services can include the escorting of the aircraft to the ramp, aircraft refuelling, cleaning the aircraft, the provision of water and lavatory services, and de-icing, etc.

How does Stratajet select operators and FBOs they work with?

Stratajet has embarked on a mission to visit and sign-up numerous top quality operators and handling agents in both Europe (Operation Longreach) and the USA (Operation Mayflower). We are committed in providing high quality service and have thus carefully chosen operators and handling agents who we think will deliver to the standards we deem satisfactory.

How can I choose my own handling or FBO agent, which is not on Stratajet?

Stratajet works with many European and US handling agents and FBOs. However, if your desired handling agent or FBO is not listed on our website, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to get in touch and organise handling for your flight.

How does an adaptive empty leg work?

By taking advantage of an existing empty leg we can adapt this empty flight to suit your journey. This involves diverting the original journey to your chosen destination en route, giving you the benefit of an empty leg discount with added flexibility.

Our pricing engine is able to check all the empty flights on our system and match those routes with the needs of our customers. Adaptive empty legs can be identified by the efficiency icon Empty leg

How do you calculate the cost of an adaptive empty leg?

Our pricing engine first calculates the variable costs that make up an empty leg, and generates a set of results to match your chosen destination. The cost of the adapted empty leg is determined by the percentage of the empty leg it uses.

How can I search specifically for empty legs?

All searches include adaptive empty legs in the results. The number displayed depends on the availability of aircraft for that particular search. Find out more about Empty Leg Flights.

What can I bring onto the aircraft?

Normal luggage and cabin baggage, specific restrictions on amounts will depend on the aircraft booked. If you have special requirements or specialist items you wish to travel with, please contact our Customer Service Team before you book so we can assist you further.

For certain flights security screening may be required, in which case restrictions on cabin baggage items and liquids may apply. If security screening is required this will be detailed in your charter brief.

How early do I have to arrive at the airport, and where do I go when I arrive?

Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your flight is due to depart. All terminal information, directions and specific instructions will be provided in your charter brief once you confirm your booking.

What if I’m late?

Your flight will not take off without you, but we do ask that you notify us if you’re running behind schedule.