The ultimate luggage to take on your private jet

Explore the finest luggage on the market – from vintage trunks to classic carry-ons – and make your next flight the most stylish yet.


With few limits on how to travel when you fly private the chance is yours to indulge in some very fine luggage indeed. Without the rough and tumble of commercial baggage handling the most exquisite bags and trunks can travel as comfortably as you do. Delicate leather trims and hand-stitched seams are left unscathed, so some rare antique beauties – plus their modern day counterparts – can help transport you to a bygone era.


Goyard Wardrobe Suitcase/Trunk

Goyard wardrobe trunk, image courtesy of Bentley’s


The long cherished travelling trunk certainly conjures an old-world charm that cannot be easily matched. Bentley’s on Lower Sloane Street in London’s Belgravia is an excellent place to explore their carefully-curated options. Although this stunning emporium is unashamedly masculine when it comes to their luggage everyone will be drawn by these coveted time capsules from the past. Gems currently available include a large Louis Vuitton monogram wardrobe trunk (at £24,000) and a smaller-sized Goyard wardrobe trunk with a rich honeyed leather and exquisitely-crafted lock and catches – both with their original interiors and surely a colourful history.


If, however, only something brand new and designed for your own exact requirements will do – including bespoke features to house the latest tech gadget or any travel must have – the meticulous skills of today’s Louis Vuitton artisans and craftsman will offer all you could desire.


Exceptionally Large Louis Vuitton Wardrobe Trunk

Louis Vuitton trunks are built to last, image courtesy of Bentley’s


Housed in Louis Vuitton’s old home in Asnières-sur-Seine and overseen by Patrick Louis Vuitton, the fifth generation descendant of the man whose creations have now redefined luxury luggage, nothing is too much when it comes to the small number of new commissions that take months to complete. Here in the original factory where production was moved just a few years after the company was founded, construction of the iconic trunks continues as it has always done. Reimagined by creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, techniques have hardly changed, with each tailor-made structure bringing together poplar wood, canvas, lozine and even cement, plus fine yet always solid metal corners, locks and catches. These trunks are designed and built to last.


Just a short drive from Paris, Asnières-sur-Seine is also a wonderful place to visit for any luggage connoisseur who can delight in La Galerie which showcases an excellent display of a large chunk of the Louis Vuitton archive, curated by Judith Clark.


The Orient Trolley Case by Globe-Trotter

The Orient Trolley Case by Globe-Trotter, image courtesy of Globe-Trotter


Of course not all journeys require such roomy trunks to see you through a long voyage, and if the thought of travelling light is more your thing Globe-Trotters Deluxe range are the perfect companions when you want to remain light on your feet. Suitably named Champagne, Caviar, Orient and Pearl, they meld luxury and travel seamlessly, in a new 20-inch design. Larger and smaller versions to suit are also available, and the range – reflecting their names – come in colours from bright white through to pale gold and gun-metal grey, all with a high-gloss, metallic finish and plush lining. The Orient is particularly beautiful and a modern classic, with its hand-finished Japanese Urushi lacquer giving it a rich and beguiling elegance, set off with burgundy leather trim and champagne silk lining.


From the large and capacious to the smaller and perfectly-formed, explore some of the finest luggage on the market today and make your next flight the most comfortable, and stylish, yet.


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