Sleep onboard a private jetSleep onboard a private jet

How to travel long haul in style

Explore an unparalleled way to travel long haul in style


Everyone knows that even the most relaxing holiday can be almost entirely negated with the return long haul flight, and when it comes to business the knock-on effect can result in some serious lost working hours, even when back on the ground.


Travelling in style means more than just sumptuous interiors, it means an experience designed to heighten comfort from leaving your home or office to arriving at your destination with seamless ease. With approximately 3 times as many private airports as there are commercial, quicker ground transfers to closer airports is the first bonus that private flyers benefit from, as well as smaller terminals to navigate before departure and the possibility of a car pick-up straight from the tarmac.


Boarding a private jet


But it is more than just this. There are obvious commercial routes that are well served with direct flights, but there are many more that are not. Fancy a direct private jet flight from Nice to New Orleans, or from Bavaria to Bermuda? Not a problem. Even with the businessman’s and tourist’s staple of London to New York, avoid the confusion and delay of JFK or Newark and instead head to Teterboro in New Jersey where you’ll be crossing the Hudson on the George Washington Bridge before you’d otherwise be collecting your bags.


And talking of bags – and luxury old-world travelling trunks, and everything in between – these too play a feature of travelling long haul stylishly. Forget baggage allowances and bring all you might need, from a good chunk of your entire wardrobe, sporting equipment, a precious pet, or even a piece of art you’d like to see hanging in your holiday home. With access to baggage in the hold generally possible during flight, don’t worry about careful hand luggage packing knowing you can get your hands on everything you’ll need.


And then there is the food – and properly dedicated service – that private offers. Even the most decadent first class commercial menus cannot cater so exactly to a traveller’s every need. With true bespoke dining make sure your favourite malt or vintage champagne is stocked or a must-have brand of water (On Air Dining stock 40 varieties but can source others). There is also Michelin-star quality food to be had and any diet – from Kosher to Paleo – can be catered for.


Dining on private jet


A sign that you are travelling in style is that you arrive in style too, fresh as if you’ve not cruised at 30,000 feet in cramped conditions for many hours. With more pressurised cabins and the choice in some jets to have a separate, sectioned off bedroom with a full bed, you’ll be landing after a rest as good as, or better than, you would get at home.


Next time long haul calls, be sure to explore the possibility of doing it in true style. With flexibility that is unmatched, flying private is surely the only way to start a holiday – or a successful business trip – the moment you set off from home.



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