Guide to Embraer Executive Jets

Since it was founded in 1969, Embraer has delivered more than 8,000 aircraft. About every 10 seconds an aircraft manufactured by Embraer takes off somewhere in the world, transporting over 145 million passengers a year.


On we have over 80 Embraer Aircraft, including the Phenom 100 and 300 and the Legacy 450, 500, 600 and 650 available for charter.

Super-Light Jet: Phenom 300

Perfect for: Short Hops


Phenom 300 private jet

Cabin size: 1.5m x 5.23m x 1.55m


Key features:

  • Premium comfort and luxurious interior
  • Seats up to 9 passengers
  • Competitive prices


Similar aircraft in the Light Jet class include:

  • Cessna Citation XLS
  • Learjet 45


The Phenom 300 excels as one of the best among this class of jet – its runway performance allows it access more airports, including London City, and its high fuel efficiency means it has a very cost effective choice of jet. The Phenom 300 can usually seat up to nine passengers and maintains a high level of comfort and privacy.


Through a strategic partnership with BMW DesignWorksUSA, the Phenom jets delivered on their key design drivers with the ample space of the Oval Lite cross-section, large windows, highly ergonomic seats, a rear private lavatory and plenty of baggage space, in addition to fast, efficient and economical engines.


From London, the Phenom 300 can get six passengers to Nice in an hour and a half.

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Mid-size Jet: Legacy 500

Perfect for: Long-range transcontinental flights

Legacy 500 private jet


Cabin size: 1.83m x 8.2m x 2.08m


Key features:

  • Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Suitable for transcontinental flights
  • Stand-up cabin


Similar aircraft in the Mid-size Jet class include:

  • Gulfstream G280
  • Challenger 350


This remarkably spacious Mid-size Jet has room for up to twelve passengers with fully reclining seats to ensure comfort. All are equipped with door separated lavatory and a galley kitchen. Designed to bridge the gap between the Phenom 300 and the larger Legacy 650, this modern jet is fuel efficient and very quiet compared to others in its class.


From London, the Legacy 500 can get eight passengers to Malta in just under three hours.

Heavy Jet: Legacy 650

Perfect for: Flights to most destinations

Legacy 650 private jet
Cabin Size: 1.82m x 15.19m x 2.1m
Key Features:

  • Three seperate cabin seating areas
  • Seats up to 14 passengers
  • Fully reclining seats and divans
  • Trans-atlantic capability


Similar aircraft in the Heavy Jet class include:

  • Challenger 604
  • Falcon 2000
  • Gulfstream III


In the Heavy jet class, the Legacy 650 boasts reliability and maximum comfort with three separate cabin areas seating up to fourteen passengers. Fully reclining seats, divans and conference areas makes the Legacy 650 perfect for almost any requirements. Given the extensive range of this aircraft, it is able to transport passengers almost anywhere within Europe and in some cases Trans-Atlantic flights are possible.


From London, the Legacy 650 can get ten passengers to Athens in just three and a half hours.


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