The Cessna Jets Guide

The Cessna Citation Family is made up of a number of different models and variants, making the lineage very complex. The aircraft range in size and design, making it difficult to choose the perfect aircraft for your trip.


On we have 100 aircraft from the Citation Family including the Mustang, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, Bravo, XLS, Sovereign and the Citation X. The Cessna range of business jets is incredibly far reaching and can provide aircraft for almost every need.

Very Light Jet: Citation Mustang

Perfect for: Short European Hops


The Citation Mustang is an excellent choice of aircraft for short European hops. With room for four passengers, the Mustang an excellent choice of aircraft for day trips or business meetings. From London City airport, a Citation Mustang can have you in Geneva in an hour and half.



Cabin size: 2.97m L, 1.4m W, 1.37m H



  • Very economical for short flights
  • Competitive prices



  • No bathroom on board
  • Not suitable for long-haul flights


Similar aircraft in the Very Light Jet class include:

  • Phenom 100
  • King Air 200


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Mid-size Jet: Citation XLS

Perfect for: Short and Long European Flights


The Citation XLS is one of the most popular jets in the world and we currently have 33 on available for charter. The XLS can carry up to nine passengers and is fully equipped with a bathroom and is very spacious compared to other jets in it’s class. With a greater range than the Mustang, the XLS can comfortably fly to Spain or Italy from London with up to seven passengers.



Cabin size: 5.64m L, 1.68m W, 1.73m H

  • Comfortable and spacious cabin
  • Longer range than the Citation Mustang


  • Not suitable for transatlantic crossing

Similar aircraft in the Mid Size Jet class include:

  • Hawker 750 range
  • Learjet 60

Super Mid-size Jet: Citation X

Perfect for: Flights to most destinations


The Citation X is the fastest jet in the world and is one of the most practical and luxurious in the super mid-size category. Seating up to ten passengers, it is fully equipped with a bathroom and very generous baggage compartment. A very versatile aircraft, it is suitable for flights to most European destinations and some transatlantic destinations.


Cabin Size: 7.67m L, 1.68m W, 1.73m H

  • Suitable for transatlantic flights
  • Large baggage compartment can hold up to 500kg


  • More expensive to charter than the XLS and Mustang

Similar aircraft in the Super Mid-Size class include:

  • Challenger 300
  • Falcon 50
  • Gulfstream G200


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