How much does it cost to hire a private jet?

How much does it cost to hire a private jet or charter a plane?


The cost to hire a private jet varies significantly depending on a number of variables including where you are going, when you are returning and what kind of jet you are hiring.


The cost to charter a Super King Air 200 to fly from London to Paris one-way can start at approximately £3,000, whereas a larger aircraft, like the Legacy 600, can start anywhere from £10,000. Although, you would be able to find the same flights at up to 75% less than the full charter price by purchasing a cheaper empty leg.


Example of Adaptive Empty Legs on 


Other variables that can affect the cost of a private jet hire include which airports you use and if the plane has to fly to that airport to pick you up. Using Stratajet’s smart flight comparison you can search and compare the different aircraft available for your flight. You will also be able to see if the flight has to reposition, so you can make smart decisions in order to minimise costs and get the best value for your flight. 


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Owning vs. Hiring a Private Jet


How much does a private jet cost?


In some cases, it can be significantly cheaper to charter an aircraft rather than flying your own. As an example, purchasing a new Bombardier Challenger 300 would cost approximately $24 million and the fixed costs of owning the jet, such as maintenance and aircraft management, would cost around $540k. In addition to the fixed costs, other variable costs, such as fuel, would work out costing roughly $965k based on 100 hours of flying.


This would mean to fly your own Challenger 300 from London to Frankfurt would work out costing almost double the estimated $7,000 charter price.


Challenger 300 – Image courtesy of Bombardier 


Hiring a private jet is often more cost effective and more convenient for private flyers. An aircraft is not just for Christmas, it’s for life and they require a lot of maintenance. Different types of aircraft are more suitable for certain routes and airfields, therefore chartering an aircraft provides you with more flexibility to fly on the aircraft most suitable for your journey.


*Prices correct as of 25 April 2016


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