Flying Private with Pets

With private jet travel becoming more accessible to members of the public, it’s no longer an industry reserved just for the elite. Indeed, people and their pets are opting to fly privately for more than just a little taste of the high life, and not without reason.

With the rise of Stratajet’s advanced technology, the private jet industry is becoming more transparent and approachable for the public, and their pets. Stratajet are able to adapt empty leg flights and allow real-time booking making it cheaper and easier than ever before to fly private.

Changes in the private jet industry are making it easier to travel with pets

Pet travel

Flying pets by private jet may not be as far-fetched as one might first imagine. The days of beloved pets being caged and kept in cold dark holds for hours without food are no longer the only option. Private jet travel provides a luxurious solution which avoids the countless hassles of commercial airports; stress, arriving early, security lines, flight delays, declaring pet paperwork, and the surprisingly high-cost fees for hold travel.

In fact, a survey by Pet Relocation found that the most difficult part of pet travel, according to owners, is that airline travel fees are too expensive, shortly followed by the difficulty of there not being enough pet-friendly airlines. The survey also revealed that the overwhelming majority of pet owners (80%) said that the safety of their pet while travelling is the most important thing when planning their pet’s travel arrangements.
80% of pet owners said the most important thing was their pets safety

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Regarding safety, some breeds of dogs and cats such as Pugs and Persian cats aren’t even allowed to travel in the hold, due to their snub noses and associated risks to them when in the hold. Restrictions on snub-nosed animals do not, however, apply in the cabins of private jets. Conditions in the cargo hold of commercial jets are not always friendly; temperatures can fluctuate wildly, sounds can be tremendous and air pressure can drop significantly.

Pet Safety and Well-being

“Flying is frightening for animals,” says Kirsten Theisen, Director of Pet Care Issues for the Humane Society of the United States, “they can sense the pressure changing and they can tell that something is happening, and that’s scary. Flying is frightening if you don’t know what’s happening.”

It’s certainly far better and calming for both the animal and the owner to be comforted by the presence of each other. To reduce stress and worry, and to avoid hold fees and the uncertainty of their safety, some pet owners are choosing to travel privately with their pets.
Travelling with your furry friends is easier when private

When travelling privately, you can usually take your pet cat, dog or even ferret with you in the cabin, so long as all pet documentation is up-to-date. It may also be a good idea to schedule an appointment with the vet to ensure your pet has had all the necessary vaccinations and is fit for flight.

Travelling via private jet with your pet is the most comfortable and safest alternative. Depending on the type of aircraft, and the aircraft owner’s own stipulations, dogs don’t usually need to be in kennels, they can walk right into the cabin.

So next time you consider flying with your pet, give thought to the benefits of flying privately. The Stratajet customer service team are on hand 24/7 and are experts in pet travel, if you have any questions related to your specific journey they are just a call or an email away.


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