Business meeting on private jetBusiness meeting on private jet

Find out how to increase business productivity by flying privately 

Anyone who has to travel for work knows the often hefty cost of flying to meetings where face-to-face time is vital. Factor in the matrix-like arrangements that need to come first, to make sure everyone who needs to be present can be present – or data is ready to discuss, a site ready to visit – and it’s not rare for the booking of flights to be last minute and to need to be flexible.


No price hikes

With private flying transparent pricing allows for this flexibility, and without spikes in price as imminent departures approach you might be surprised at the value on offer when compared to traditional business class commercial options.


Reduce waiting times and have meetings in the air

It isn’t just cost to think about. Time remains the most valuable commodity in business, and when flying out and back in a day can be done with ease, with waiting times in airports shortened by hours and the possibility often to drive straight from the tarmac and avoid sprawling terminals, it means time spent working is maximised. More than just saving seemingly endless waiting times and providing better connections there are also other things that add serious value. Meetings can be held on board as you taxi and then cruise at altitude, and with levels of comfort and bespoke dining options available it also means you’ll arrive fresh and ready to tackle the most taxing work day, both when you land at your destination and when you arrive back home.


Get closer to your destination

There are approximately 3 times as many private airports as there are commercial, and in many locations across Europe it means that long car journeys from the main commercial hub miles from your actual destination need not be an issue. At the time of writing 2 flying in a Twin Star from Frankfurt direct to Cambridge for a next day meeting with the latest Gates Scholars costs £2,902. Comparing that with next day business flights for two, plus transfer costs and times from London’s famously spread out commercial airports and the value is clear.


Make your flight work around you

There is nothing worse than a vital meeting being cut short either, just because of a need to stick to flight scheduling. If the ideas are flowing and more time is needed – or a sometimes-inevitable delay occurs – relax in the knowledge that you won’t need to rush and that your plane will wait for you. With seamless transfers and security and no worry about baggage handling or capacity there is also the chance to follow up on those good ideas, go through the information gathered or comment on a presentation without a break from plane to car and then to your desk.


With obvious timesaving advantages it isn’t just this factor that is appealing to more and more business travellers. With tailored service, increased accessibility, and the cost-efficiency available for the many not able to book business trip weeks ahead, Stratajet’s real-time, far-ranging search and booking technology has opened up a new way to fly when working efficiently is paramount.



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