September will see the 3 major fashion weeks in Europe take flight. Why not travel between each seamlessly as you get inspiration from the catwalk.


It is that time of the year again for a month-long display of the fashion world’s greatest to show what has captured their artistic minds and for an army of models to strut their stuff. Amongst the ranks on both sides, there will be many a famous name editors in the front row will be sure to catch, as they look out for the designers of the future.



Kicking off in London on the evening of September 14th (with the Amanda Wakeley Launch of the Autumn/Winter 2017 Campaign) after a week across the pond in New York, Milan will follow on the 20th, with Paris the culmination starting September 26th and rounding off on October 3rd. The pace is unrelenting for those who don’t want to miss out on the big names and cutting edge newcomers and with little room between one week finishing and the next beginning the perfect way to travel between each – not only in the greatest style and comfort, but also the most efficiently – is to fly private.



Travelling light, or with a full entourage and baggage to match – either is not problem. For those looking to hop across the continent and travel lightly a Citation Mustang or M2 offer perfect and relatively inexpensive options as does the King Air 200, the whooshing propellers of this turboprop adding a touch of old world glamour with the very best of contemporary technology and design. For those bringing a gang of colleagues or friends (and some serious luggage so you know you’ll be as finely dressed as the models) opt for a larger jet from the mid size range like the Citation X with 500kg of baggage space, a Challenger 300 or Gulfstream G200. Do check out our top picks for travelling in style when you fly private.



With door to door transfers and little time needed from arrival to boarding to take off make the most of a night off between London and Milan, and another before heading to Paris. Take in London’s last show – the legendary Tommy Hilfiger – before a night out at one London’s newest openings Fancy Crab on Wigmore Street for a whole king crab that could feed a small army. Enjoy a full night’s rest before heading to Milan in the morning, knowing your travel plans won’t require waking up while it’s still pitch black outside. In Milan make your base at the Bulgari and catch a plethora of names that are famous across the world, from Armani to Cavalli, Ferragamo to Prada. The culmination of a month of the most important shows in fashion will lead you to Paris, kicking off on the 26th with Dior and Saint Laurent and finishing with Louis Vuitton and Paul & Joe. And Paris – what a magical city to find yourself in as the fashion crowds disperse. As autumn sets in, walk across Seine and through the left bank, browse the bookshops and galleries, taking breaks to sit and sip coffee in pretty cafés.



With hundreds of shows to take in across some of Europe’s finest capitals – and with only a short night’s break between each – this September why not try flying private between each to peruse the latest collections. Without the fuss of mammoth commercial airport terminals to navigate, keep your energy levels up and never miss a beat as you take your place alongside the catwalk.


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