A tailored shopping experience for the modern man

Stratajet are proud to partner with Dappad, offering a tailored shopping experience for the modern man. As Stratajet enables faster, hassle-free private jet travel designed to save time and make your life easier, Dappad is focused on elevating the private shopping experience.


Designed to add a new ease to choosing your wardrobe, experienced personal stylists select collections of clothes designed to fit you properly, suit your lifestyle and tastes, and ultimately make you look your best as you go about your busy life.



Stratajet prides itself on being the world’s first real-time private jet booking platform, giving you total control and freedom. Why not add to that control by taking the fuss out of traditional personal shopping – often taking hours and requiring appointments – and let a stylist do the hard work for you to try at your leisure?


All you need to do? Complete a short online profile. Choose from Entry Level (Novice), Mezzanine (Competent), or Executive Suite (Pro), depending on how much you enjoy, and how good you feel you are at, shopping. From there, click on the styles you like the look of, brands you currently shop, and enter your measurements using simple drop down boxes and add your personal details. All done in under two minutes, and you’re ready to go – the same time it takes to use Stratajet’s unique ‘real time’ search technology to search, compare and book the most convenient flight for you, at the best price.



One of Dappad’s experienced stylists will contact you (by email or phone, whichever suits) to get a better picture of your personal style and your likes and dislikes, and come up with outfits that will work for you. With delivery and returns free, you only pay for what you decide you want.


Amongst well-known premium brands are lesser-known labels, offering excellent options you might not have explored. From staples to boost your core wardrobe to key pieces to suit a special occasion, why not get a carefully curated selection of clothes to make you look your best delivered straight to the door of your private jet?


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DappadLike Stratajet, Dappad understands that your time is the most precious thing and should be spent wisely. Dappad offers an effortless and personal shopping experience. Their stylists tailor a unique box of clothing for you based on your preferences, then send the box straight to you in time for take-off.


To find out more visit dappad.com