Can you smoke on a private jet?



The thought of inflight smoking might conjure images of Mad Men-era decadence, yet for the most keen cigar connoisseurs there is no reason why you have to wait till you land to smoke your favourite – or try one of the recent winners from Cigar Journal’s awards.


The nature of booking a bespoke flight means that all your needs can be catered for, and that extends to smoking. Depending on the aircraft owner and the operator there are numerous options if you want to sit back, relax and indulge.



The flying experience is unsurprisingly unkind on cigars and with the low air pressure and low humidity more than capable of spoiling some very fine cigars, a humidor is a must. Your humidor at home will undoubtedly need to stay there doing its job but there are numerous more travel-friendly options that inject some serious luxury into the practical job at hand. The compact Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor is a popular choice, weighing in at about 1kg. Handmade in California with high-gloss Burl Wood exterior and Spanish cedar wood interior, this pint-sized humidor has the slick hallmarks of the Marshall range which since 1983 has manufactured humidors for four royal families and three US Presidents.


If you are looking for something bigger – and with space, storage and rough baggage handling not an issue – Louis Vuitton’s stunning mahogany humidor could be for you with its ebony finish, pear wood Monogram inlay, and a capacity of 75 to see you in good supply for your destination as well. However, for real aficionados the Döttling tabletop humidor will be a purchase for life. After many requests the German locksmith has developed this tabletop version based on a similar model found in its exquisite Fortress safe. As well as the convenience of a drawer mechanism rather than lid, there is a beautiful Spanish cedar interior, plus a hygrometer, barometer, and thermometer to monitor the CAGARSPA mechanism doing the work. The exterior is finished in calfskin, though there are number of finishes that can be requested.



And now to the cigars. Following on from September’s Cigar Journal awards the chance to try the winners if you haven’t already will surely tempt, and could add another sensory dimension to your flight. So, be sure to pick up a box of Cuba’s Montecristo No. 2, the Dominican Republic’s Fuente Don Carlos No. 3, the Honduran Alec Bradley Fine & Rare 2016 or some Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series Hermoso Maduro from Nicaragua.


The next time you’re set to fly and you fancy taking to the air with a clutch of your finest Cubans, contact our charter team at and they’ll be able to find you the perfect smoking aircraft whatever the size or flight range you require.


And remember, for all the smoke-averse readers, the same care and attention will go into making your flight perfect too, the majority of aircraft are smoke-free and they are all cleaned thoroughly between flights so you won’t have the smell of smoke and can travel happy as well.


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